The Studio #

The Studio is where you compose your Timelines before publication. The articles in a timeline can come from saved links or individually saved articles. You can also write annotations to include in a timeline.

The Library #

All saved Timelines, Links, Articles, and Annotations can be accessed via the Library panel, which is on the left of the Studio. Each tab in the Library contains a separate list of assets.

Library: Timelines #

This is where all of your timelines are stored, both the ones you own and the ones you’ve saved. You can create a blank timeline, save the current timeline, and export the current timeline.

Clicking on a Timeline from here will load it into your studio.

The Links tab will show you all of your saved links. To load one as a Timeline, just select it.

If you’re creating a new timeline from a link, you’ll first need to set a title and description. This can be done by clicking the top of the timeline:

Now you can set your own Timeline title and description.

After saving these changes, you’ll notice them at the top of the timeline:

Just like the Newsroom, hovering over an article will bring up more info, and selecting it will display some actions.

Article Functions

The article actions in the above screenshot are, in order from left to right:

  • Delete the article from your timeline
  • Save the article to your library
  • Open the article’s URL in a new tab
  • Deselect the current article

Library: Articles #

The Articles tab is where you can access all of your saved articles. If we saved the article from the above example, we’d see the following:

Clicking on an article from this tab will load it into your Timeline.

Library: Annotations #

Annotations act just like articles, but are created by the user. You can create them from the Annotations tab: