The Newsroom #

The Newsroom is where you’ll discover new links and articles ready to be integrated into Timelines.

Topic View #

The left side of the Newsroom is dedicated to the Topic View, where you’ll see a graphical representation of several topics in the news. These topics will be connected to the central topic via links.

Selecting one of these topics will load its respective link into the Timeline view. Once a link is selected, you can also save it to your library via the “Save Link” button. To view the connections for another node on the graph, just double-click it.

Timeline View #

The rest of the page is occupied by the Timeline view. This is a timeline of the most recent articles in the currently selected link. In our example, we’ve selected the “New Mexico” topic with “Covid” set as our main (central) topic. Thus, our Timeline view now renders all of the articles in the Newsphere which are related to both COVID-19 and the state of New Mexico.

Hovering over an article will display more information about it, and selecting it will present some actions.

Article Functions

The article actions in the above screenshot are, in order from left to right:

  • Save the article to your library
  • Open the article’s URL in a new tab
  • Deselect the current article