Welcome to the Newsphere Documentation #

What is the Newsphere? #

The Newsphere is an all-in-one digital timeline suite, for the rapid design and publication of news timelines. Newsphere Timelines can be embedded directly into news articles, or exported in a variety of formats for use in other software.

Why Newsphere? #

Traditional news timelines are time consuming to develop, and thus are usually reserved for interactive pieces or features. With the Newsphere, anyone from renowned journalists to local reporters can easily develop and embed a news timeline, giving digital publishers a new avenue for driving engagement.

Making an account

Since the Newsphere is currently in closed early access, you’ll need to contact us to ask for an account. Typically, we’ll only provide accounts to journalists, bloggers, or other online publishers

Making a timeline

Get started with the Newsphere by publishing your first timeline in just a few minutes! Follow our quickstart guide to learn everything you need to know.

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